Meet your coach

Jennifer Fidder, M.A., CPT, CPPC, CTRL.Prac

Mindset, Hypnosis & Transformation Coach

About 16 years ago, I started out as a personal fitness trainer. I had all these amazing ideas for my business. I purchased all the courses to learn how to grow on Instagram, how to write compelling sales copy, how to gain clients and create an online course. I kept learning, I kept investing but it never really seemed to get me anywhere.

I saw all these other female entrepreneurs who were killing it in their business and thought “What are they doing differently? Why are they successful and I’m not? What’s wrong with me?”

I had the feeling I was doing everything that I was supposed to do, implemented everything I learned, and followed all the success scripts - still, nothing! I just didn’t understand why all these strategies seemed to be working for everybody but me.

Sounds familiar? Then read on

After years of struggle it finally dawned on me: It wasn’t the strategies, it was me!

(Taylor Swift comes to mind “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem. It’s me”)

The main difference between me and the female entrepreneurs that were successful was the mindset.
While they had pure confidence, drive, and passion, I was plagued by limiting beliefs, fear, and doubt.

As I was slowly learning how to control my mind and overcome those obstacles that were holding me back, my business exploded and I became one of the most successful trainers in Miami Beach.

Seeing how much power our mind has, I became OBSESSED with learning everything I could about it. This eventually led to me becoming a hypnotist and NLP practitioner and it also led to the creation of the M.A.H. Method.

I now teach this method to other struggling female entrepreneurs to help them create a successful business from the inside out.

Official Bio

Jennifer is a German-American mindset, hypnosis, and transformation coach with degrees in social psychology and educational science. 

After completing her master's degree in Germany, she moved to the US in 2010 where she opened her own personal training business and later transitioned to helping women gain control over their mind so they can build the life and business they've always dreamed of. 

In 2021 she developed the M.A.H. Method that helps others create success from the inside out. 

While many of her clients are new or seasoned entrepreneurs, she works with women (and sometimes men) from all walks of life. The most common areas her clients seek her help with are: anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence, fear of public speaking and/or networking, sleep issues, stress, and burnout - just to name a few. 

Jennifer and her team offer virtual one-on-one hypnosis sessions and teach her signature M.A.H. method around the world through seminars, workshops, and speeches. 

Education and Licenses

Master of Arts in Educational Science
Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology
Certified Hypnosis Coach
Certified CONTROL Practitioner
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified and Licensed Personal Trainer
Mental Toughness Certificate Holder
Trainer for Weight Management